Aim and Vision

We create and encourage others to create, a safe and engaging environment that enables children and young people to overcome their adversity, build resilience and thrive.


The most import aspect of our delivery is engagement. Without it we are unable to achieve anything. At YOUTH8 we use our 8 rules of engagement. To engage successfully we follow these simple values and rules: 

Congruence - Being yourself and approaching sessions as equals.

Honesty - Leading by example and being a positive role model.

Fairness - Non judgemental attitude, enabling a transparent relationship.

Fun - Creating purposeful and enjoyable experiences to allow natural development.


Respectful - To the young person, others and to society.


Courageous - Being and encouraging this empowers young people to try new things.


Consistency - Creating a trustworthy relationship to build resilience.

Relatable - Have knowledge of the individual’s likes, local area and situation. 

Doing these consistently enables us to create relationships with young people that will lead to positive changes in their lives.